Ironhold Adventures

Sessions 1 - 3

The story so far:
h4. Session 1

In our first session, our intrepid heroes answered a cry of distress from the lonely town of Riverbend, which, coincidentally, was on the bend of a river. After giving the bartender inordinate amounts of money, they set about meeting the townsfolk.

They met:

  • Pastor Robert “Pastor Bob” Mallicus – the kindly old cleric of Hyraeus
  • Ronan the Barbarian – the aged adventurer, who hinted that something might be amiss
  • Sheriff Olian Marock – Sheriff and Mayor, who tells the adventurers that people have been disappearing in a nearby cave, and that none have come back.

This problem has been happening for months and months, and men have been sent from Ironold (as Riverbend is within Baron Ironhold’s fiefdom) but they have disappeared too.

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